One Cut Polish Set; Koch Chemie 8.45 Oz One Cut & Finish P6.01 with 6 inch One Cut & Finish Pad

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For an even more economical approach to vehicle preparation, we have now developed an efficient one-step PolishSystem to complement our two-step PolishSystem. With our innovative One Cut & Finish P6.01 machine polish, we provide a product that combines the optimum ratio of cut and gloss.

Here, too, we follow the system concept: The orange One Cut Pad with its reticulation and the cell count is optimally matched to the One Cut & Finish P6.01. As usual, this is available in the usual three sizes (Ø 76 mm / 3″, Ø 126 mm / 5″, Ø 150 mm / 6″) Polishing compound and pad complement each other perfectly to quickly create a high-gloss surface. In just one step, scratches and sanding traces from P2000 grit upwards are effectively removed and the surface is simultaneously sealed by the Carnauba waxes contained in the polish.

Recommendation of use

  1. Apply One Cut & Finish P6.01 on the orange One Cut Pad.
  2. Distribute the machine polish evenly over the surface to be worked.
  3. Use a dual-action polisher or long-stroke dual action polisher (min. 15mm stroke) with moderate speed and moderate pressure. Apply in a crosswise motion.
  4. Buff out the polish residues with a microfiber cloth.

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