Koch Chemie Eulex (Eu) - 1 L



Koch Chemie Eulex

Special product for the quick removal of adhesives (eg sticker residues), rubber, tree resin, page 1 of 1 spray mist, ink stains, oil, greases, tar, etc. from solvent-resistant surfaces such as paintwork, glass, ceramic, metal, etc. Evaporates quickly and without leaving residues and contains no halogenated hydrocarbons. With Daimler approval. Areas of use Solvent-resistant surfaces such as paintwork, glass, ceramic, metal, etc.

Recommendations for use

Apply to the stains undiluted with a dry absorbent cloth and rub off.


Not suitable for polycarbonate, polyacrylic, and similar plastics.; Before using, check colorfastness and material compatibility.; Do not use on hot surfaces

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