Automobile manufacturers

As a supplier for premium automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW or Audi we comply with the highest quality and environmental standards. Apart from automobile factories, our products have been used enthusiastically in countless establishments and dealerships for over 40 years.

Detailing/Valleting company

As the market leader in professional vehicle finishing we look after the largest dealership groups , which ensure the perfect finish of new vehicles and increase the value of used vehicles with up to 700 employees. In addition, through our nationwide, best-trained customer service staff we supply highly specialised premium car valeting companies and over 2,000 regional vehicle valeters with the best products and application expertise. In Germany, over 3 million cars are valeted professionally every year with Koch-Chemie products.


Wash systems

The carwash business is excited about quality that has never been seen before! Perfect drying results, unrivalled deep gloss and sound advice on the subject of service water are convincing more and more carwash operators of the advantages of Koch-Chemie products. In 2015 over 40 million vehicles were washed and conserved with Koch-Chemie.

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Well-known industrial companies and service providers in the building cleaning sector have relied on our excellent product and service quality for decades. Our products are highly concentrated and with our dosing systems enable highly economical results and comply at all times with the latest environmental guidelines.

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